The learning and teaching table addressing Industry 4.0 und Digitalization

The edboard is an innovative learning and teaching table focusing on the topic of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization. It is used in schools, colleges as well as in education and training institutions to simply and clearly provide lessons in microprocessor-, automation- and communication- technology. The edboard solves the problem of rendering the "non-tangible" information-technological processes of digitalization thus making it comprehensible. In a very short period of time the individual modules can be simply set up and networked. Valuable teaching time is almost completely used for the mediation of content and is not wasted by unnecessary preparatory and postprocessing work.

The edboard consists of a solid aluminium frame, a high-quality working surface and a magnetic whiteboard which is attached vertically. At first the trainees can draw various network tasks with a pen on the whiteboard and thus visualize information technology processes directly in front. This is followed by implementation, by placing various magnetic modules on the whiteboard and networking them.

The basic version of the edboard offers work space for up to two people. The dimensions of the table are customisable. The basic version provides two monitors on the horizontal frame of the whiteboard and two computer suspensions below the table. The whiteboard is moveable in depth and can be adjusted depending on the task. During programming tasks, it is pushed backwards to create a large work surface. In the case of networking tasks, it is pulled forwards to move modules and to sketch structures.

The edboard is ergonomically designed. Through an optional motorized height adjustment, it allows trainees to work while standing or sitting. In the middle of the table is a central power supply which is supplied by intelligent cabling within the aluminium profiles. Placing the theoretical concept, e.g. drawing a structogram on the whiteboard, together with the subsequent practical implementation on the same board is the ideal way to combine theory and practice.

The edboard offers a variety of modules

The modules include various automation and networking components as well as sensors and actuators. The components can be selected from simple microprocessor-based modules like Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc. to industry-specific modules based on NI myRio or PLC Siemens S7. Individual modules can of course be created on request. The same with actuators, sensors, communication technology or other necessary devices which can be compiled or extended individually in a wide range of traffic lights, servo-motors, routers, power supplies, etc.






Was uns motiviert

Das edboard wurde für den spielerischen und selbstverstärkenden motivierten Wissenstransfer von Programmier- und Vernetzungsaufgaben konzipiert, welches unmittelbar auf die Industrie 4.0 und Digitalisierungs- Herausforderung zielt. Das edboard ist für technische Schulen und Lehreinrichtungen aller Art konzipiert.


Dr.-Ing. Carsten Schleyer

T +49 170 850 9032

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Kurth

T +49 179 231 8283

"Mit den edboards hat jeder Schüler seine eigene Tafel."

– Matthias Eisenmann, Lehrer IT an der Zeppelin Gewerbeschule Konstanz –